HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND SECURITY (HSES) GIC OIL & GAS SERVICES LTD has a well documented “Safety programme” and “Corporate Safety Policy Manual” for the execution of contracts. During the mobilization phase of the contract, GIC OIL & GAS SERVICES LTD shall develop this outline safety program and compile a full plan to be used in the implementation of a specific work. 



Safety plan shall address thefollowing items:

· Personal Safety and Safety of Equipment

· Safety checks for items of equipment

· General enhancement of safety awareness

· Proposed safety Audits of sites and safety meetings

· Incidents/Accident reporting, First Aid Facilities

· General Health and Hygiene Requirement

· Dedicated Hospital/Clinic to staff

· Prevention of injury/damage to GIC OIL & GAS SERVICES LTD and third party personnel and equipment/properties 


In addition to our support services, we also approve engineering, procurement, construction and installation services, for the upstream sector. GIC OIL & GAS SERVICES LIMITED, INC are aware of and understands the critical nature of upstream activities, and are strategically placed and committed to ensuring all exploration and production equipment procurement and services.